GECAS Cargo has among the most experience team in aviation freighter leasing and the deepest technical expertise in the industry. Located around the world, our team of specialists support global and regional cargo operators, providing customized lease solutions, technical expertise, and access to the entire GECAS operation.

Financial Solutions

There is no one size fits all. That’s why the GECAS Cargo team of experts will create a tailored solution for your business.

Operating Leases

From short-term to long term leases with aircraft configured to your airline’s specific brand standard, GECAS operating leases provide airlines the fleet flexibility to better manage through business cycles, eliminate residual value and asset disposal risk, and preserve your working capital.

Sale Leasebacks

Through short- or long-term asset sale leasebacks (SLBs), GECAS can buy your aircraft or engine and seamlessly lease it back to you for an agreed term, releasing equity for other business needs and eliminating residual value risk. We also provide pre-delivery payment (PDP) financing.

P2F Conversions

Serving the needs of dozens of freight forwards, express delivery and cargo operators, and prepared to support the replacement needs for years to come, GECAS has been an innovator in passenger-to-freighter (P2F) conversion programs.


GECAS Cargo’s more than 25-year track record of conversions is unparalleled in the aviation leasing market and spans wide- and narrowbodies in both Boeing Classic and NG types.


Partnering with premier conversion experts, such as Boeing, Israel Aerospace Industries Group (IAI), and Aeronautical Engineers Inc (AEI), GECAS has successfully delivered more than 80 converted freighters.

737-800NG Conversions

In 2015, GECAS became the conversion program launch customer of both AEI and Boeing, providing the prototype aircraft to each and to date has placed more than 53 orders and 16 x options for conversions of the type, which is seen as a “best-in-class” aircraft for replacement and expansion in the narrowbody freighter sector.


Having converted the 737-300 Classic in 2002, followed by the -400 with additional main deck capacity, transitioning to from the Classics to the NG series has found broad appeal by operators.

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The 737-800BCF carries more payload – up to 23.9 tonnes (52,800 lbs) – and has longer range – 2,000 nmi (3,750 km) than other standard-body freighters – providing capability to open new markets.


The 737-800BCF freighter also offers operators newer technology, lower fuel consumption and better reliability than standard-body freighters.


It primarily will be used to carry express cargo on domestic / short haul routes. The narrowbody freighter has 12 main deck pallet positions for 11 full-height containers and one half-width ULD.

View the video produced by Boeing for delivery of the inaugural 738BCF in East Midlands UK April 2018

777-300ER Conversions

GECAS and Israel Aerospace Industries Group (IAI) have come together to reshape the Air Cargo world of long-haul, large capacity freighters with the introduction of the all-new 777-300ERSF, nicknamed “The Big Twin.”


The 777-300ER is the most successful widebody variant in aviation history and its renowned performance is coming to cargo operators. It is perfectly suited to today’s demands for more volume, less cost, great range and commonalty.

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Due to enter service in 2022, the 777-300ERSF is the ultimate Big Twin Freighter.


With twin-engine efficiency that burns 21% less fuel per tonne than the 747-400 freighters, and big-cargo capability that sees 25% more volume than the 777-200LRF but retains 90% commonalty with its smaller twin.


And all this with the range capability to seamlessly replace aging 747-400 and MD11 freighters.

See what GECAS Cargo can do for you.